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Flavio Maluf Is The Leader Of An Outstanding Company

Brazil is home to some of the world’s most precious ecosystems. Unfortunately, there are numerous industries that cause serious damage to this environment in this region. However, there is a Brazilian company that takes every precaution to minimize the impact on the environment. Furthermore, this company has been using this strategy for more than 50 years. This company is Eucatex. They produce items that are intended for home design. Eucatex produces doors, paints, wall partitions, and other products. The things that they make can be used in any building though, not just residential ones. In fact, the items made by Eucatex are popular by business owners. Their popularity is partly due to the materials that they use. Eucatex creates some of their products out of exotic raw materials, such as eucalyptus. This tends to greatly attract customers to their products.

Eucatex is a Brazil based company, but they are a true international enterprise. The products that Eucatex sells are sold in Europe, North America, and Asia. The products that Eucatex sells are viewed as very high quality. They tend to last a long time, and they also add an element of style to your home or business. The uniqueness of Eucatex’s products makes them quite eye catching for guests to your house or customers at your business.

Things are very much looking up for the company nowadays. Flavio Maluf, the president of the company, has demonstrated outstanding talent with his management of Eucatex and another company. He also is extremely well educated from two outstanding universities. The knowledge that he has gained from these experiences is put into being an outstanding president of Eucatex.

Wikipedia shows that Flavio Maluf has his bachelor’s degree from Sao Paulo’s well known university, FAAP. Arguably, this among the most well respected colleges in all of Brazil. For his graduate education, he went to another well respected college. He earned his master’s degree from NYU in New York City. These two educational backgrounds together have given him a superior understanding of how to do business.

Additionally, the real world experience of Flavio Maluf is extraordinary. He is not in charge of one company. Instead, he runs two corporations! Maluf is president of GrandFoods as he states on Twitter. This is another one of Brazil’s highly successful companies. His entrepreneurial tips articles show Flavio Maluf has done a lot to contribute to the continued success of GrandFoods. Amazingly, he has very successfully managed two major corporations.  Flavio has also become a popular figure for breaking down Brazilian business.  Including Mr. Maluf’s article about the future education, and how technology will play a major role for a long time to come.