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FreedomPop Offering Discounts For International Travel

Let’s face it. International travel can be expensive. While there are ways to cut down on travel expenses, there are almost always going to be elements that pop up and cost more than what you might have originally imagined. Once such aspect of expensive international travel is mobile phone usage. Depending on your current carrier, you might have some limit access to talk and text in Canada or Mexico. Outside of that, which isn’t all that common to begin with, can end up costing an arm and a leg just to talk with friends or family members to let them know you are safe. Have you tried to call home from Asia or Europe? You might just end up with several hundred dollars more on your mobile phone bill. Data can inch up even higher. FreedomPop has enough of that and it is why they want to offer services to customers who travel, either work or play, designed to help save customers money.

Global Hotspot

The global hotspot is a feature attached to the new $49.99 service offered by FreedomPop. This allows users to connect to this Wi-Fi connection and make unlimited calls or texts while also accessing unlimited data. This way, whether someone needs to make an extended phone call or they just want to surf the Internet on their phone, they are able to do exactly this with the international travel global hotspot feature.

Travel SIM

With the $49.99, users are able to take advantage of the global SIM card. This SIM card currently allows users to use 200 MB worth of data every month in 25 different countries without paying an expensive overage cost or international roaming fee. Plus, by the end of the year, this is going to increase to 40 countries or more, making it an even better deal.