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How Talk Fusion Is Changing The World

Imagine having a conversation face-to-face with someone who is literally across the globe from you. Now imagine that conversation isn’t riddled with errors that show skipped, stilted video and choppy movement. Imagine that conversation is conducted in high definition. Sure, there’s still a slight delay in responses–that’s because someone in Japan talking to someone in Wyoming is going to experience the lag of a signal being bounced across the globe at the speed of light. While most physicists think the speed of light can’t be transgressed (though there is currently argument on that point), technologists are always coming up with solutions to technological problems which leave physicists baffled. So it can be expected that in future, even this necessary delay may be abridged. What is important to remember here is that the high-definition video available through services like Talk Fusion is better than it’s ever been before, and on the increase.

Talk Fusion is currently the eighth largest online video content provider anywhere across the globe. They started humbly enough; Founder and CEO Bob Reina just wanted to send an e-mail with a video embedded in it. AOL told him he couldn’t do that, and he decided to find an information technology expert to see if that could be changed. As it turned out, it could be changed, and so Bob started a company whose reach now extends to some one-hundred and forty separate countries.

It’s no surprise that Talk Fusion has innovated beyond embedding e-mails with video. Now they offer live video chat software which has become the number one of its kind used in Indonesia, number five in Japan, and number twenty in Switzerland. Furthermore this software can be enjoyed free of charge for thirty days through a trial option that requires no credit card information. Lastly, Talk Fusion’s video chat option is multi-platform. It will be supported on Windows, Apple, and Android platforms, as well as a variety of tablet operating systems currently available across the market.

Bob Reina is concerned with providing cost-effective technological innovations to the world, and his efforts have brought millions into high-definition contact.