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Make Friends Close to Home or in Foreign Countries Using the New App Skout

Anybody who goes online daily undoubtedly meets people that they meet in the physical realm, yet they call them “friends,” even though they only know each other online and nowhere else. In this day and age, this is not uncommon, and this is where the new app called SKOUT leads. Christian Wiklund, co-founder and CEO of SKOUT based in San Francisco, created SKOUT because he realized that there were so many people who are able to enrich their social lives through the Internet.

SKOUT can be found on Facebook and Twitter and from there you are able to download the app onto your iOS, Android or Windows. On SKOUTt’s webpage,, you can learn about the app and sign up there as well. Making friends online has never been easier with this user-friendly new app, and it is possible to meet people from all parts of the globe.

The most popular feature on the app is the Travel feature, which allows users to select a destination anywhere in the world and instantly connect with new friends in that community. To date, over 16 million Travel journeys have been taken and over 680 connections have been made on SKOUT last year.

SKOUT is the originator of the International Friendship Day that is now celebrated on February 3rd. International Friendship Day is a day of recognition for the friends that are made online. On Friendship Day this year, SKOUT offered a survey to its members and here are the results of that survey.

• 76 percent of Americans say the have a friendship online that they have never met in person.
• 62 percent of people who use the Internet have five or more friends online.
• 64 percent have an online friend in another country.
• 92 percent of Americans communicate with their online friends using their cell phone, and over half of those say they communicate every day.

Technology is the reason that friends can meet and communicate on the Internet. Skout is the largest global app used exclusively to expand your social circle. Today, it is just as normal as meeting someone in a store or in a classroom, and the survey shows that.proves that. So download SKOUT today and expand your network of online friends.